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Session 1
Thursday, July 8

DuraSpace Plenary

Chair Elin Stangeland

User group 1B

Strategic overview DuraSpace
Roadmap DSpace and Fedora
Michelle Kimpton, Sandy Payette, Brad Mclean, Chris Wilper, Tim Donohue
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Session 2
Thursday, July 8

DSpace 1.6

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Chair Tim Donohue

User Group 2B
DSpace 1.6 usage statistics: What it can do for you? Bosman, Ben
Authority framework in 1.6 and CILEA's customization for the Hong Kong University Bollini, Andrea; Lam, Allen; Mornati, Susanna; Palmer, David T.
Move On Up: TCD TARA and the Value of Dspace 1.6 Henrick, Gavin; Brennan, Niamh

Open access

Chair Sarah Shreeves
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

User Group 2C
(Room 2)
Public Policy Research in Policy Archive: Use of DSpace when metadata meets open access Buchanan, Sarah
Indigenous Knowledge Evolution: the role of institutional repositories in African scholarship
Matizirofa, Lazarus
A service oriented national e-thesis information system and repository Houssos, Nikos; Stathopoulos, Panagiotis; Sarantopoulou, Ioanna; Zavaliadis, Dimitris; Sachini, Evi


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User Group 2D
(Room Goya)
Building flexible workflows with Fedora, the University of York approach Allinson, Julie; Feng, Yankui
Developing publishing process support system with Fedora and Orbeon Forms - A case study Varanka, Matti; Varjonen, Ville; Ryhänen, Tapio
Maintaining Standards – managing metadata consistency across collections and tools Durbin, Michael

Session 3
Thursday, July 8

Fedora Core development

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User Group 3B
(Room 2)
Content Model Driven Software Christiansen, Kåre Fiedler; Blekinge, Asger Askov
Re-thinking Fedora's storage layer: A new high-level interface to remove old assumptions and allow novel use cases Birkland, Aaron; Blekinge, Asger Askov
Improvements to Fedora Content Model Architecture Blekinge, Asger Askov

Dspace Repository Manager session

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Chair Valorie Hollister

User Group 3C
DSpace Under the Hood: How DSpace works Lewis, Stuart; Hayes, Leonie; Stangeland, Elin; Shepherd, Kim; Jones, Richard; Roos, Monica
DSpace Under the Hood: The development process and YOUR role in it Lewis, Stuart; Hayes, Leonie; Stangeland, Elin; Shepherd, Kim; Jones, Richard; Roos, Monica
Batch Metadata Editing: a tutorial workshop Hayes, Leonie; Lewis, Stuart; Newton-Wade, Vanessa

Session 4
Thrusday, July 8


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Chair Stuart Lewis
The University of Auckland Library

User Group 4B
Building Trusted Repositories Shin, Edwin
Improving DSpace Backups/Migrations by exporting Community/Collection Donohue, Tim
Towards Interoperable Preservation Repositories (TIPR) Caplan, Priscilla; Kehoe, William; Pawletko , Joseph


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Chair Graham Triggs
Open Repository

User Group 4C
(Room 2)
Using DSpace for Publishing Electronic Theses & Dissertations Halliday, James; Floyd, Randall
Integrating Multilingual Capabilities into an Institutional Repository Guthrie, Michael; de Oliveira, Cristiane; Veltsos, Philippe; Elbes, Yousef; Roberts, Ian; Leonor, Dorothy; Triggs, Graham; Young, Hayden
Integrating DSpace in a Multinational Context: Challenges and Reflections Strand, Kyle

Session 5
Friday, July 9

Resource Discovery

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User Group 5B
Primo discovery and delivery of Fedora content Frances, Maude; Riccardi, Stefania; Carlsen, Carmel; Dawson, Angela
DSpace Discovery: Unifying the DSpace Search & Browse Diggory, Mark
Blacklight: Leveraging Next Generation Discovery Cramer, Tom
Blacklight, ActiveFedora and Solrizer: Interplay between Searching, Managing and Indexing in a Repository Solution Zumwalt, Matt

Learning Resources

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Chair Bram Luyten

User Group 5C
(Room 2)
Jorum Open: Customizing DSpace for a national repository of Open Educational Resources Hargreaves, Ryan; Waller, Gareth; Rees, Christine; Shaw, Laura
Interoperability issues between learning object repositories and metadata harvesters de la Vega, Ricard; Conesa, Jordi; Minguillón, Julià
DSpace Helps Irish National Learning Repository To Change Its Focus Bruen, Catherine; Henric, Gavin; Strunz, Bob

Session 6
Friday, July 9

Research Management

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Chair Niamh Brennan
Trinity College Dublin

User Group 6B
Symplectic Repository Tools: deposit lifecycle with interchangeable repositories Jones, Richard
Using DSpace as a closed research repository Hind, Ianthe; Taylor, Robin
Integrating research output in UPC repositories Prieto-Jiménez, Antonio Juan; Cacho-Figueras, Yolanda; Iñigo-Robles, Ruth; Rovira-Fernández, Anna; Serrano-Muñoz, Jordi

Digital Media

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User Group 6C
(Room 2)
Custom Rich Client, Multimedia Interfaces for the Web and Mobile for Fedora and Duracloud Using Adobe Open Source Solutions Hamer, Greg
YODL2: Developing a search interface for multimedia content at the University of York Thomas, Nigel Verghese; Allinson, Julie
Harvest: A Digital Object Search and Discovery System for Distributed Collections with Different File Types and Structures Webb, Frances, Paulson, Joy
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